This Week In Comedy: The Office Series Finale

Goodbye, oldest friend. Literally the friend (TV show) I’ve known longer than all of my current friends (actual friends). (IT’S BEEN ON FOR SUCH A LONG TIME!) The finale saw all the oldies and goodies coming back to say goodbye. We finally got the answer to whether or not Michael Scott would show up, which has been plaguing us for months. (And his entrance was perfect.) We learned that everybody is happy except for Kevin and Toby. Hahah. WHO EVEN CARES ABOUT THEM THO. I thought it was great! Did I cry? NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Did you cry? When? Tell me when you cried. I suppose I’m glad that the Jim and Pam romance ended with Pam doing a grand gesture for Jim, but…I don’t particularly think he deserved it? I’m not really buying the idea that Jim has done all of these grand romantic gestures for Pam that she needed to repay. He just consistently made decisions without telling her, which seems more like a character flaw than anything else. Hahah. ALSO REMEMBER WHEN SHE QUIT ART SCHOOL BECAUSE HE WAS, LIKE, MAD THAT SOMEONE BOUGHT HER A COFFEE OR WHATEVER? ALSO REMEMBER WHEN SHE GAVE BIRTH? TWICE????????????? Hahah. I am glad they’re moving to Austin, though. That’s going to be fun, I’m excited for them. (This was an actual documentary, yes?) What else. Oh, HELLO KATE FROM BEN AND KATE, USING YOUR REAL FIRST NAME! IT’S NICE TO SEE YOU AGAIN, I MISSED YOU! And hello Joan! You were good and well cast! I do want to see a blood test, though. And if Erin made any money from the documentary, you aren’t going to see any of it. (Also, why didn’t you call her Kelly?) (Remember how her real first name is Kelly?) (MY NAME?!) So. It was a great end to a 100-year-old series that was great for a while and then not so great for pretty much the same amount of time. Love you, The Office. I’ll see you in Heaven!