How Was Everyone’s Day Today?

How was your day today? From here it seems like it was pretty fine! At least the part that I saw — you got to try Google Glass for an Engaget video, after your popular Google Glass “Weekend Update” segment appeared on Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago, and that’s not too shabby. Though I don’t know, hah, maybe filming videos like that isn’t too fun? I’ve never done anything like that. Like, maybe it’s difficult coming up with something to say, especially since it seems like you were really stretching for something nice to — Wait. THIS ISN’T MY EMAIL TO FRED ARMISEN! LOL! Hahahahahah. Ahhh. So fun. Still LOLing over here. You LOLing? Take a second to LOL it out. PHEW. Ok, but, so, Fred Armisen did try Google Glass for an Engaget video and it is a pretty good video because it goes almost exactly like his “Weekend Update” segment went two weeks ago or whenever it was. That product doesn’t look like it works too well, at the moment! When we all buy it, we’ll just have to convince ourselves it’s more for the look than for the actual use. We will look so cute, though, so it won’t even matter. Ok videotime!

HOW WAS YOUR DAY? (Mine was fine! I’m sleepy, though!)