Is This Video Of A James Franco Photo Shoot Hilarious?

James Franco is on the cover of GQ’s “Comedy Issue” this month, which I guess makes sense, sort of. He has definitely been in a bunch of comedies, although at this point I feel like he has been in as many non-comedies as he has comedies and that is not even including creative writing classes and film editing seminars, or whatever. Also remember when he sold a cloud or something? But maybe that was kind of funny. Mostly I just feel like you could put James Franco on the cover of GQ any time you wanted, he is a very versatile celeb, so why put him on the cover of the Comedy Issue when there are so many other people who could ONLY be on the cover of GQ for the Comedy Issue. (Like KELLY CONABOY.) It’s just a waste of a Comedy Issue cover is all I am saying, but I am not in charge of GQ magazine. Not yet, at least. Oh that will be the day. “50 WAYS TO TIE YOUR SCARF.” I’ve got a lot of interesting ideas that are going to change the game. “DON’T YOU GUYS LIKE RACHEL BILSON, THOUGH?” And a big picture of Rachel Bilson on the cover, along with my home phone number and personal email address, in case she wanted to get in touch and lost the piece of paper with my home phone number and personal email address that I gave her at the photo shoot. Anyway, to promote James Franco appearing on the cover of GQ’s “Comedy Issue” this month, they released a video called “Everyone’s a Comedian Starring James Franco,” directed by Terry Richardson. So tell me, is it hilarious?

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