UNDENIABLE Evidence: UFO Drops Off Couple At Wedding

Grab your tinfoil hats! Grab your sunscreen even if it’s cloudy, both because you can get sunburned when it’s cloudy and because you never know when the sun is going to come out or for how long we’re going to be on the run! Grab the latest issue of the New Yorker along with the last one because I don’t think you read all of that one yet! Grab some snacks but don’t go crazy with it! Grab your face soap and your moisturizer and your coverup and your mascara and your blush, BUT LEAVE THE REST BEHIND BECAUSE WE’RE UNDER ATTACK AND MUST GTFOOOOOOOOOOO!

As if we needed more evidence that our planet has been invaded with space beings and will soon be under attack, footage has just come in from a wedding in India where space beings were so bold as to just legit roll up IN THEIR UFO, Y’ALL. From YouTube:

There is always a special celebration for marriage, even innovative too. Here is a marriage occation where the Bride and Groom came on the venue of marrigage on UFO from sky at Porbadar city, India


Why did they take so long to come out of their spaceship? WE’RE WAITING, ALIENS! JUST PUT YOUR ALIEN MIND CONTROL DEVICES INTO OUR EARS AND LET US GO HOME ALREADY! (Via Hypervocal.)