It’s OK To Say No When Someone Asks You To Prom, Young Ladies

It’s a hard time to be a teen in high school. I know that. Not from experience, as I graduated from high school in 2005, which was before YouTube existed (pretty much) (let’s not split hairs) and when Facebook was only for students with a college email. Can you imagine?!? For most of high school I had a cell phone that I only turned on WHEN I NEEDED TO CALL SOMEONE. What? That might have only been my weird thing, now that I’m thinking about it. Other people might have left them on at all times so other people might have been able to get in touch with them, but suffice to say it was a much different time. Back then when people asked people to prom, it was between the person and the other person. “Will you go to prom with me?” he or she would ask over AIM. “Okay,” he or see might say back. Or maybe they wouldn’t respond! And if they didn’t respond you’d both just pretend it never happened and go to prom with some other idiot. But today it isn’t so easy. Today you have to deal with a crowd of youths in the cafeteria and some dork popping out from under a table, while on top of which another dork pretends to give birth, to ask you to prom for a video that will end up on blogs and follow you around forever. “I can’t say no,” you’re probably thinking. “I’ll look terrible in front of everyone. Literally so many people. Plus the whole thing is so random, so idk.” But I want you to know that that is INCORRECT! YOU CAN, AND POSSIBLY SHOULD, SAY NO! DO NOT LET STUNTS HARD-SELL YOU INTO GOING TO PROM WITH AN INTERNET-ATTENTION-SEEKING DORK, YOUNG LADIES! PLLEEEEEZZEEEEEEEEE!

Oh, girl. Oh, boy. (Via ViralViral.)