Best New Party Game: Mother’s Day Movies

DON’T WORRY! Mother’s Day was not this past weekend. IT WAS ACTUALLY TWO WEEKENDS AGO, JUST KIDDING! That wouldn’t make any sense! Use the brain your mommy gave you. If that were the case you wouldn’t still be getting junk emails from or whatever, and we for sure would not be doing this party game. Come on. Mother’s Day is just around the corner though, coming up this weekend. What did you get your mom? A card? She gave you the life you’re living and you’re giving her A CARD? Okay. No, that’s fine. If you think that’s an equal trade than you think that’s an equal trade, whatever, don’t worry about it, I’m not trying to argue with you. At the second to very least, though — seriously, not trying to argue — I do think you should also participate in this Mother’s Day party game. DO IT FOR HER. Let’s go!

  • Non-Jurassic Picnic In The Park
  • Spa Abiding Citizen
  • Broken Flowers: Replaced With New Flowers
  • Breakfast In Bed-ffany’s 
  • The Longest Card

Soooooo gooooood. Your mom’s gonna be so proud of this list once you print it out and give it to her. The look on her face! (Mother’s Day image via Shutterstock.)