Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • The cast of The Office held a wrap party in Scranton, PA this past weekend! MY HOMETOWN! Splitsider went and reported on the festivities. -Splitsider
  • Speaking of, it looks like someone IS going to something for the spoiler! -TVLine
  • People are going nuts about this New Girl autotune, but I won’t lie to you: It is still an autotune and it is still kind of a nightmare. The BEST version of a nightmare you can have, definitely, but ur still gonna wake up grinding ur teeth. -Fox
  • Man, this short video showing what pops up in the google search bar when you type in different ages is really something! Really something crushing! -Co.Design
  • I haven’t started watching Game of Thrones yet, but over at Gawker they’re asking what I assume would be an important question to me if I had started watching: What is going on with the accents? -Gawker
  • Have you read Piers Morgan’s interview with Lindsay Lohan? Eek. -DailyMail
  • Esquire asked a bunch of comedians, including Chris Gethard, Tig Notaro, Julie Klausner, etc., what their late night talk show would be like, if they were to host a late night talk show. It’s fun! -Esquire
  • Happy wedding, Sugar Bear and Mama June! -Dlisted