Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Richard Prince, an artist in upstate New York, made a composite image of the 57 girlfriends Jerry Seinfeld had throughout Seinfeld’s nine year run. Why? I don’t know. Why ANYTHING in this place. -Neatorama
  • Speaking of things that seemingly have no purpose, here is an article about how much coffee the Friends gang probably consumed and how many people it would kill if they drank it all at once. -ScientificAmerican
  • Chris Gethard’s small role was cut from Iron Man 3 and he made a funny and heartbreaking video about it. You should watch it! -ChrisGethard
  • Want to watch a trailer for the German Rocky musical? If so! -Vulture
  • In a roundtable interview, Monsters University director Dan Scanlon answered  a question about the inconsistency between the set-up of Monsters University and the backstory presented in Monsters Inc.. Did he say “Oh, uh, I don’t know. Does it matter?” Click 2 find out! -/Film
  • FilmDrunk has gathered up some lesser-known celebrity Kickstarter campaigns. Get out your credit cards! -FilmDrunk
  • Every photo of Jamie Foxx on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is perfect. -Dlisted