How Was Everyone’s Day Today?

How was your day today? SHUT UP. Ah sorry, I mean, HOLD ON. Don’t answer yet, because no matter how good your day was it couldn’t have been as good as Ke$ha’s day, following the premiere of her new MTV show (or rather, six-part documentary series?) My Crazy Beautiful Life! I did not see the premiere, very unfortunately. To be honest, I didn’t know it was going to be on until Gabe sent me the trailer earlier today. I’m only a human and we all make super big mistakes concerning how much Ke$ha documentary we’ve watched on television. Ok? But, so, DID YOU WATCH IT? I have a few questions: Has she found a for-sure-disgusting bearded man to love yet? How long does it take her to wash her face? (I DON’T MEAN THIS TO BE AS BITCHY AS IT SOUNDS.) (She just wears so much garbage on her face all the time!) Is she as endearing as she seems in the trailer, and is the documentary as a whole as compelling as it seems in the trailer? (That is, more compelling than you’d think a Ke$ha documentary would be, less compelling than most documentaries you’d elect to watch as an adult.) Why does she still drive past her ex’s house? She should stop, for real! Does she really write her songs on a piano and, if so, how do they end up sounding like a robot anxiety rave? Have you EVEN SEEN THE TRAILER? IT’S AFTER THE JUMP!

Soooooo. How was your day? Better now? Better or worse now? Tell me!