Here Are Some Morning Links!

  • Mike Mitchell, artist and creator of pop culture portraits, talked to BuzzFeed about his work and his upcoming show in Austin. Also I watched Heathers on Nextflix Instant this past weekend and it was still a lot of fun. -BuzzFeed
  • Oh nooooo, the Ed Helmes Vacation reboot has been delayed indefinitely! What will we do with all the leftover ill will?! -ComingSoon
  • Gus Van Sant wants to direct Fifty Shades Of Grey, so he already directed a scene with Alex Pettyfer as the guy and an unknown actress as the girl. Uh-huh. -AVClub
  • Michael Bay has taken back his meager apology. -FilmDrunk
  • For the Live Below The Poverty Line Initiative, Ben Affleck is going to live on a $1.50 food budget, like Tom Hiddleston did a week or two ago, to raise awareness for global poverty. -Dlisted
  • Vine continues to be the worst, but Will Sasso’s Vines continue to be pretty good! -HyperVocal