Here Are Some Morning Links!

  • New images from Thor: The Dark World alert! Are Thor and Natalie Portman still beautiful? Does Thor still wear his Thor costume? Click to find out! -USAToday
  • Jay Jackson has been Perd Hapley-ing for a looooong time. -PopCultureBrain
  • MTV is refusing to allow Buckwild’s producer to shop the series elsewhere. Pretty fun to imagine how upset that guy is today and how everyone around him is suuuper sick of it. -TheHollywoodReporter
  • Glee was renewed for two more seasons. Why? -EW
  • Normally I don’t pay attention to blind items because there are enough soul-killing garbage ITEM items to look at every day, but this bad breath one that’s possibly about Bradley Cooper? Hahahaaaaa. Not bad! -Dlisted
  • Here’s a look behind the scenes at Saturday Night Live portrait photographer Mary-Ellen Matthews’ process. It’s an interview from 2011, but I bet it’s still fr-fr-fr-fresh to you! (It is to me!) -WarmingGlow
  • There may be a Deb-centered Dexter spinoff after the conclusion of the eighth and final season. Why? -HuffintonPost
  • Finally, these have been going around a bit, but in case you haven’t seen: Here is a collection of short films made by Louis C.K. in the ’90s. -Buzzfeed