Here Are Some Morning Links!

  • This is the first image released from the final season of Breaking Bad. What does it mean?! The boys are really thirsty? Did Jesse drink all of Walt’s soda and Walt is just so sick of his shit at this point? What does it meeaaaaan? -WarmingGlow
  • Seth MacFarlane has been asked to host the Oscars again! Oh, good! He hasn’t said whether or not he will, and that he’ll make a decision in the next few weeks, but fingers crossed for sure. -JustJared
  • The Week has a piece up today about why more female directors are necessary. -TheWeek
  • Showtime has confirmed that the next season of Dexter will be the final season. Will he get caught?! Deb?! The ice truck killer?! I haven’t watched it in a long time, I hope everyone’s all right! -EW
  • Will Ferrell and Jack Black are going to star in that movie about the world-wide game of tag. Remember? Maybe it will be a good movie, who knows! -TheWrap
  • And finally, today is James Franco’s birthday. Happy Birthday, James Franco! -Dlisted