Imagine You Are In A Wingsuit, Flying Through A Narrow Cave

Your mind still buzzes with everyday thoughts as you approach the moment of your jump. “What if the cast of Breaking Bad had their own Earwolf podcast? What would it be called?” You take a deep breath. “Ugh, but no, wait, is New Girl new tonight? I haven’t set my DVR. Can you call my roommate?” You momentarily wonder about the safety features included in your wingsuit — wait, are there any safety features? Is there a backup plan in case it fails? Who was in the movie The Back-Up Plan? Jennifer Lopez, I think, but who was the male lead? Hmmm. You wonder if there’s still time to check your phone before you jump. Oh, speaking of your phone — you ask a friend if they can Vine your flight on your account for you. “And if you can, get an Instagram too? But make sure it’s on my phone, I want it on my account.” You wonder if you’ll be made into a meme. “Ridiculously At-Ease Wingsuit Guy,” maybe. You take a deep breath and it feels like the first time you’ve breathed in ages. You approach the ledge, pause and jump. Flying through the air your mind is clear. Your body does its job of trying not to hit rocks and kill itself, but it feels as though it’s working independently from your brain. All you can see is sky and cave. All you can hear is the wind rushing around your head. For a moment you are at peace.

“Wow. I can’t even begin to imagine why I’d let myself be consumed by all of that garbage,” you think to yourself upon landing. “Life is so incredible. I can hardly even remember what it was I was so concerned about — all of those little nothings I let rot and fester inside my brain and heart. OH RIGHT, no, no I remember. Did anyone get in touch will my roommate? Is New Girl new?” And scene. (Via LiveScience.)