Let’s Run A Quick Internet Status Report

It can be hard to keep up with who the Internet loves without question and who the Internet hates without question because the Internet is always changing its mind. So let’s just do a quick gut check! I’m pretty sure the Internet still loves Nick Offerman, right? Forever, probably. But now the Internet hates Amanda Bynes? Didn’t she used to be considered cute and fun? Oh well! Patton Oswalt is currently the “Glorious Leader” of the Internet, obviously. How about Community though? Where is the Internet on Community? Donald Glover? Joel McHale? I know Alison Brie is the Internet’s favorite because she’s heard of memes. It seems like Grumpy Cat is still enjoying a moment, but he’s got to be on his way out soon, right? Does he have the staying power of Boo? Or birthday dog?! Let’s really dig into it, guys, it’s important. We can’t keep the Internet running smoothly if we don’t know what is “The Greatest Thing Of All Time” and what is “The Worst Thing Of All Time.” Other basic systems checks to run: What If Game Of Thrones Characters Had Facebook, Jon Hamm’s Penis, Aziz Ansari, Subservient Chicken, Michael Cera, 8-Bit Video Game Fan Art, Vine, Adam Scott, Azealia Banks, The Harlem Shake, Paul Rudd, Mentos, Saturday Night Live, Jay Leno, Ryan Gosling’s Dog George, Aubrey Plaza, The Monkey From Animal Practice, Damon Lindelof, Drive, Fake Twitter Accounts, Isaiah Mustafa, Local Weathermen, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Rhett And Link, Improv Everywhere, Mindy Kaling, Dramatic Chipmunk, Spring Breakers, Ricky Gervais, Pajama Pants, Epic FAILs, David at the Dentist.

The Internet: WOULD YOU HIT IT?