How To: Open A Can With A Spoon

1. Ask yourself: What did you do with your can opener? Did you take it out of your house? You must have taken it out of your house if you’re POSITIVE that you can’t find it in there. Why did you take it out of your house? You were going to a location that didn’t have its own can opener WITH a can? That seems a bit strange. People don’t usually bring cans and can openers to places. Were you going camping or something? Have you checked to see if it’s with your camping stuff? It’s not in there? Ooooooook.
2. Ask yourself: Do you really need whatever is in the can RIGHT now? Is there any way you could put off eating this until you find your can opener or buy a new one? No? You want it right now? Oooooooookkkkkk.
3. Do you have a spoon? Great.
4. – 10. Watch this video of a guy opening a can with a spoon and then do what he does.

BE CAREFUL THOUGH. And please do not use this method around anyone you are trying to impress. The part where you have to break into the can will expose you as a lunatic. (Via reddit.)