How Does Emily Blunt Spend Her Life, Do You Think?

Huh. That’s a good question! I’ve never really thought about it before. I mean, I don’t know very much about Emily Blunt’s personal life. I’ve seen her in movies — The Five Year Engagement, Your Sister’s Sister, etc. — and I’m a fan, but I don’t know anything that would really qualify me to answer this question. So this is totally just going to be guessing, but here it goes: She wakes up in a bed that’s like a bed from a hotel, but more comforting because it is actually her own bed. Her handsome husband wakes up beside her. “I’ll make the coffee if you cut up the fruit” she says, and they do just that and take their breakfast out to the terrace. It’s another beautiful day. Emily reads the New Yorker on her Kindle while her husband reads a newspaper in its normal newspaper form. Their beautiful dog runs out to greet them. “Aww, you can’t have any fruit,” she says. Then they head upstairs and get ready for the day. Emily puts on a normal looking outfit, but you can tell that it’s of a higher quality than the average person’s normal outfit. Her husband does the same. Should he shave his face? “No, I think you look handsome.” He does! They head out to meet some friends at a botanical garden, where they spend the afternoon. Am I getting close? Should I continue? Or — Oh, ok, so you just want to reveal the answer from her interview in InStyle? Okay, up to you!

“I spend my life in sweatpants and covered in mud.”

Oh! Ha-ha. Tooootally different answer than what I was thinking. Whoops! (Via Celebitchy.)