This Week In Comedy Open Thread

I did not watch Nathan For You’s “Claw of Shame” episode last night. I was doing my taxes and it was very frustrating and I didn’t even realize that 10:30PM had come and gone, and hadn’t set my DVR to record it, and man taxes are just the worst! So I missed it. Was it good?! It looked like it was going to be very good. Man, I hate taxes so much. Now I know why spiraling celebrities never do them — YOU MISS YOUR SHOWS! But, I saw all the other shows last night so I guess we have something else to talk about. Community aired their puppet episode. MOVING ON, just kidding. I can’t actually decide how I felt (felt — LOL) about it. The puppet aspect felt shoehorned in, as you might expect it would. Like an insincere attempt at what Community would do. But the core of the episode, the group sharing some dark secrets and still accepting each other (though ending with the same “we all love each other” hug that is usual with Community) felt more sincere than any episode has this season. How strange that they had to speak through PUPPETS to become more HUMAN than ever! LOLOLOLOL. Anyway. I think it was good? The Office, on the other hand, was not good. I’m definitely interested in the Jim and Pam couples’ therapy plot line, but man, that Stanley plot line? Eeeesh! Because the Jim and Pam plot was so serious it makes sense that they would have gone big and silly with Dwight’s, but it was just a little bit too big and a lot too ridiculous. All because Stanley WOULDN’T walk down the stairs? To do his job? It’s a sitcom and, you know, whatever, but for me it was too big of a leap, and too divorced from reality, to enjoy. BUT HEY MAYBE YOU LOVED IT? Parks and Recreation was good. All of the supporting characters from the animal control office were wonderful, and the return of Jason Mantzoukas as Dennis Feinstein was great. I’m a little worried that, because the major April plot in this episode — April trying and succeeding rather than playing it “too cool” — is something that we’ve already seen before, that we’re going to run out of places to take these characters sooner rather than later. But. We all have enough to worry about, so let’s not worry about TV! It was good! New Girl was also good. Cece, models, June Diane Raphael, homeless pencil, “Big Guy.” Good show. Not a GREAT episode but for sure always a good show, and now you say something!