Here Are Some Morning Links!

  • Netflix has released a bunch of teaser posters for the upcoming season of Arrested Development — one for each character. It’s as if they know the bulk of their fan base exists on blogs and will gobble up whatever they toss! -Splitsider
  • Alec Baldwin is in talks to take over Carson Daly’s slot in NBC’s late night lineup, with an interview format similar similar to his podcast, Here’s The Thing. -NYTimes
  • Lindsay Lohan was on Letterman last night. It was often awkward, but she seemed mostly fine! I HOPE SHE’S OK! (“They don’t let you eat there!” Haha.) -EW
  • You’ve probably heard already, but just in case: AMC is considered adding a Saul Goodman spinoff once Breaking Bad ends. It’s a bad idea! -Deadline
  • Hahah, I know we had a link concerning the Disney theme park in yesterday’s Morning Links, which was already a little weird, but you know what they say: These things come in twos! (This time about Monsters Inc. and Tron.) -/Film
  • And finally, here is a “Thrift Shop”/Anchoman mashup video to send to all of the friends you don’t like! -Hypervocal