“Various Celebs At The Airport”

I came across probably the most fun, exciting, insightful, and thought-provoking headline I have ever seen this morning, and I just had to share: “Various Celebs At The Airport.” OH PLEASE TELL ME MORE! Margaret Thatcher is looking down at us from heaven (or up at us from hell, depending on which blogs you read) and shaking her head that the world moves on so fast. Not even in the ground yet and already there is BREAKING IMPORTANT NEWS. The only constant is change, etc. What a wild world we live in! Anyway, here you can see Hugh Jackman, Eva Longoria, Maria Menounos, Kellan Lutz, Jason Segel, and Ashley Greene, all of them AT THE AIRPORT. You could not find a more diverse group of various celebs, probably. Guys, stay with me, I know it is hard to keep up, but it’s very important to stay informed. We will continue to bring developments on this important story about Various Celebs At The Airport as the details are made available to the public. In the meantime, have you ever been to an airport? Leave your most embarrassing airport experiences in the comments! #CELEBS