This Week In GIFs!

I haven’t started watching Game of Thrones yet, though I plan to soon, but one thing I’ve noticed from everyone else talking about it is that this blonde-haired girl is VERY BEAUTIFUL! Is that a thing on the show? Is she a beautiful princess and is the whole show about men competing to be her prince, because they can’t get enough of her beauty? So it’s like a game for the throne? I think I get it. It sounds fun, I can’t wait! LET’S LOOK AT GIFS!

Games of Thrones Season 3 premiered!

No one had energy for the Tonight Show thing!

Ryan Cabrera, whoever that is, had a pretty special tattoo!

Bradley Cooper has a PEEEERRRRRRRM!

Tom Hardy met a young Bane fan and explained that he missed the whole fucking point!

Christopher Abbott left Girls!

And, finally, we all watched comedy on TV!