Mary Sings “Fool On The Hill”

There’s a certain amount of, I don’t want to say surprise, let’s say chance on the Internet that doesn’t exist in other mediums. When you’re reading a book, the book keeps being the book you decided to read from beginning to end. There might be some pretty intense twists and turns that you never saw coming, but overall it’s the book. The same thing goes for watching movies, listening to albums, reading newspapers, going to plays, etc. There’s a consistency that the Internet lacks. Because when you log onto the Internet you’re never really sure what you’re going to end up seeing, you know? One day you read a Buzz Bissinger story about being a Human Ponytail, and the next day you watch a compilation of the week’s best Trampoline FAILs. This, of course, is its own frenetic tone, its own consistency through inconsistency. And I will remind you that I didn’t say surprise, because at this point the Internet has certainly carved out its own niche where you expect a certain amount of human pain and suffering to be mixed in among the cats. But so when it’s Monday morning and one of the first things you see is a video titled “Mary Sings ‘Fool on the Hill'” there’s nothing to do but say ah yes, of course, the Internet, what did I expect?

Ah yes, of course, the Internet, what did I expect? (Thanks for the tip, Merrill.)