This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys

Yay! New trailers! I don’t know what’s been going on lately with the trailer situation but it’s been very hit or miss where some weeks we don’t even have any trailers to post, which is a shame, because trailers are the best. Seriously, I would watch all the trailers even if I didn’t have to because I love them. Trailers! #trailers

Before Midnight

I saw someone on-line make a joke about this trailer that was something like This Is European 40 so what am I even supposed to add to that? Other than saying the joke should probably have been Ceci Est 40?

The Wolverine

I didn’t like the first Wolverine spin-off very much. The whole thing just seemed kind of cheap and lazy and like a money grab and it lacked the epic sweep of the larger ensemble superhero movies or the bigger-budgeted stand alone hero movies like Batman and Spider-Man. But I always hold out hope. This looks kind of dumb but also kind of dope, which is probably how you could describe most movies these days.

You’re Next


Arthur Newman

Wait. Does this look good or does it look terrible? I literally cannot even tell anymore.

White House Down

Here’s a fun fact: you know how that weird thing happens where two movies about the same unlikely subject will be released within a few months of each other? Like when there were all those volcano movies, and then there were all of those biopics of Hitchcock, and now there are two different White House under siege movies? Well, historically, the second movie to be released almost always does better. (Wait, what’s a fun fact again?!) I think it’s because the first movie builds awareness that such a movie exists, and then the second movie is actually in theaters when people are like, let’s just go see that movie I’m bored. Anyway, hi Channing Tatum! I CHANGED MY NAME TO…GEORGE CLOONEY.

Wish You Were Here

OK! Australia always makes pretty good movies about dark shit. Have you seen The Snowtown Murders? Holy moly. Also Animal Kingdom is obviously great, but everyone already knows that lol. But so yeah, this, sure, yeah.