This Photo Of Rob Lowe Using A Water Jet Pack Is An Unexpected Delight

Just think, if someone had offered you a photo of Rob Lowe using a water jet pack earlier today you probably wouldn’t have been too excited about the offer. Can you even place yourself back in that mindset, knowing how far you’ve come since seeing the photo? You probably would’ve been like, sure, he’s on Parks and Recreation and we all love Parks and Recreation, but otherwise who cares? A rich man having a kind of fun most of us will probably never experience? No thanks! If I wanted that I would read Buzz Bissinger’s GQ article about his clothing addiction again, JUST KIDDING! JUST KIDDING THAT ARTICLE IS A FOREVER-NIGHTMARE AND I WILL NEVER LOOK AT IT AGAIN, I’M UPSET THAT I EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT IT! But you know what I mean. No one likes to see George Clooney on another yacht, or whatever. But if you had passed up on the opportunity to see this photo, when your aunt brought it up on gchat or whatever, you would have never been able to SEE WHAT A DELIGHT IT IS! Hahaha. Ahhhhh. Smile smile smile, jet pack jet pack.  “And it starts right now!” – Rob Lowe. Possibly one of the largest contributing factors to it being such a delight is that viral video. “AND IT STARTS RIGHT NOW!” So good, even a million years later. Thanks, Rob Lowe! Full Rob Lowe water jetpack picture after the jump. (Via BuzzFeed.)