The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

I have to tell you, choosing the arrangement of today’s top three was VERY difficult. (In a world where “very difficult” means “I couldn’t decided for a few minutes but then decided, and what I couldn’t decide on was the order of cute animal videos in what is largely a very arbitrary list of cute animal videos on a pop culture blog.” So the normal world I guess?) I thought I had my number one very early on, but then two other videos came out of nowhere right at the last minute AND PUSHED THE FORMER #1 TO #3! It’s like fucking March Madness over here, with the only difference being that it’s just me at a computer watching animal videos by myself. Scrolling through Google Reader, “OUR NUMBER ONE SEED JUST GOT DEMOLISHED!” Hahah. “I HAD THAT ONE GOING TO MY FOUR-TO-THE-FLOOR AND NOW IT’S UPSET!” Very, very stupid. Anyway, let’s watch these!

10. Ruby Gets Belly Kisses

9. Kitten Bops Other Cat On The Head

8. Bear Vs. Man Vs. Tiger

7. Kitty Magic

6. Tight Rope Action

5. Girl Plays With 14 Dogs

4. Hungry Coati

3. Soori The Meerkat Falling Asleep

2. Winston The Dancing Bulldog

1. Panda Mom Wrestles With Her Cub

Congratulations, “Panda Mom Wrestles With Her Cub”! YOU DESERVE IT! And congratulations to you, “Winston The Dancing Bulldog”! I really didn’t think you were going to be that good, but then you were great! Great job! “Soori The Meerkat Falling Asleep” was our former number one, so I do have to apologize, but number three is not too shabby and I think you should still be proud! “Hungry Coati” is wonderful and unique, and “Girl Plays With 14 Dogs” is just a dream! CONGRATS TO US! C U NEXT WEEK!