A New Jaden Smith Music Video To Pass The Time

I’m at my parents’ house for passover this week. We used to celebrate passover at my grandparents’ house, but, while they are still with us and doing great, thank you very much, the seder is so much work that we did eventually move the holiday to my parents’ to save them some of the stress and strain. Things change, you know? For dozens of years things are one way, suddenly they are another way. So it goes. Passover, like Thanksgiving, or New Year’s, or your birthday, serves as a useful, or potentially painful marker of the passage of time. As with any of these annual traditions, you are reminded, whether you like it or not, of how things this year have progressed from the year before (or, again for better or for worse, how they have stayed the same). For a brief blip in the on-going rush of one’s day-to-day life time seems to freeze, just for a moment, and you can see it stretching out behind and ahead of you. It’s not hard to go from reflecting on the past to projecting for the future. It flows! There’s nothing to be done about it, and what would you even do if you could do something? You’ve seen Clockstoppers. You know the dangers inherent in messing with this stuff. Just go with the flow, man. Anyway, this year we get a new Jaden Smith music video. Neat? In the grand scheme of things, our entire collection of human experiences will be condensed to a grain of sand on an endless beach.

This is already ancient history. The hands of time are placed firmly on your back, shoving you ever forward. MOVE! MOVE! MOVE! JADEN, MOVE!