Here Are Some Morning Links!

  • “Nic Cage’s Face On All 151 1st Generation Pokemon” is not something that would generally stand out as worthwhile in a Nic Cage Internet sea of mashups, but it’s actually pretty good and I kind of love it! Ch-ch-check it out! -Pokemonxniccage
  • OH THANK GOODNESS, Kate Upton isn’t going to prom with the kid who had the video in which he asked her to prom. A lot of video-induced-attention damage has still been done, though. Thanks a lot, Kate Upton! -TheWeek
  • Cougar Town is getting a fifth season on TBS. Congrats on your show! -Vulture
  • Check out this interview with Harmony Korine over on Stereogum. You won’t be sorry, unless you never wanted to read it in the first place! In that case, don’! #freecountry-Stereogum
  • Eva Mendes wants tabloids to blur the faces of celebrities’ dogs, which sounds like a bit much, but also apparently the paparazzi call out the name of her dog at the dog while she’s walking it? WHAT? Why? Why why why? -Dlisted
  • Here’s your first look at the cast of the Zombieland TV show, which has just been greenlit by Amazon and will air on their Prime Instant Video. -/Film 
  • And, finally, here’s a list of 50 upcoming movie sequels. Is You Can Count On Me Too in there? I couldn’t find it. -NextMovie