Brad Pitt Seems Pretty Chill About The Collapse Of Human Civilization

There is a new trailer out today for the upcoming Brad Pitt action-apocalypse movie World War Z in which the world is consumed by zombies and it looks pretty good! It’s got all of the things you might want. Explosions. Helicopter crashes. Aircraft carriers. Mountains of zombies climbing all over each other to scale the walls of the Game of Thrones castle or something. (There is also a plane crash scene that is new in this trailer and if you are already excited about this movie then I recommend not watching the trailer because it kind of gives away the scene but also it does look like a dope plane crash scene, if that is a good word to describe this type of thing.) Anyway, the movie looks pretty good, but is it just me or does Brad Pitt look WAY too chill considering that the world is collapsing all around him? Don’t get me wrong, that is exactly what makes him OUR HERO, and Brad Pitt is the best, but also haha. Yo! Look out, man! Zombies, man!

This guy is so chill. He’s the chillest. Look how chill he is:

“Hello? Oh, hey man. Just chillin’.”

“Chill balcony, man. I need to get me a chill balcony like this.”

“This is like the time Mark Wahlberg stopped 9/11, but even more chill, man.”

“Don’t even worry about it, babe. Look at me. Do I look worried? No way. I look chill as fuck.”

“Come on, man, let’s get out of here. It’s not chill here!”

“I know, man, it’s a bummer about all these zombies, man.”

“No sweat, baby. It’s chill!”

“Don’t pull my leg, man.”

“Gotcha, man. No way, Jose.”

“You don’t say. That many zombies, huh? Brutal, man.”

“You can barely even tell I’m running from zombies, man. So chill.”