Oh, Are We Still Doing Grumpy Cat?

Sometimes I understand memes, but a lot of times I do not. I understand them when they are easy to repeat and everyone can make their own. Then it’s, well, I don’t know if it’s fun, but it approaches something in the fun family. If the Harlem Shake meme were a little less racist, it would be understandable. Then you have memes where no one is really allowed to participate, as is the case with grumpy cat. Like, what the fuck am I supposed to do with grumpy cat? Sure, grumpy cat is a cat who looks grumpy. I get that. Give me SOME credit, I can totally tell that it is a cat who looks grumpy. But also the end? He’s even less dynamic than dramatic chipmunk, because at least dramatic chipmunk MOVED. This is just a cat’s face, a stranger’s cat’s face, not even my cat, and I’m over it. You know who isn’t over it? The rest of America, I guess. Grumpy cat made an appearance on Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show, which I honestly thought was canceled, but I guess it’s a different one? How many daytime talk shows does Anderson Cooper get? Now double it. He asks Grumpy Cat all the tough questions:

This clip is a minute and a half, and a third of that is just a straight up CAT FOOD COMMERCIAL. Cool show. They actually had to reshoot this without a studio audience because the first time they did it everyone lost their minds and the microphones blew out from the rapt shrieking. At a certain point, the Internet is going to be a well-enough understood entity, that we are no longer going to be able to pass a Reddit thread off as news where a family of three can say “we put a picture of him up, and then he was on the Internet, and it’s really been crazy” and this is somehow a story. But for now: BREAKING BREAKING BREAKING STOP THE PRESSES VIKKI VALE WHO IS THAT GRUMPY BATDANCE. (Via Dlisted.)