Monsters’ Ball: The Week’s Best Comments

As many of you know, Videogum’s comment voting system has been on the fritz ever since Wednesday’s zero-out. It’s been a tough time but thank the Lord in Heaven that we all have each other to get us through, and we do see a light (some time early next week?) at the end of this tunnel of nonrecognition. But! Because of the voting system failure, we do not have a Monsters’ Ball to present to you today. I’m so sorrryyyeeeeeeee! DOWN-VOTE DOWN-VOTE DOWN-VOTE! But instead of looking at this as the lack of a comment reward institution that you’ve come to look forward to and rely on to kick-start your weekend with the knowledge of both who had the #4 highest rated comment and also who had the lowest, WHY NOT JUST LOOK AT IT LIKE A FUN NO-RULES PARTY?!?! The fact is that even though there has been no way for any of you to get a thumbs-up in the past few days, you have all still been actively showing the world that you are honest-to-goodness the best commenters on the whole internet. So maybe pick out some comments YOU’D like to highlight? Or don’t even do that and just post a GIF of someone dancing! Whatever you want. You only live once, and you should live that life WITH FREEDOM! Just no malware please LOL.