Here Are Some Morning Links!

  • President Obama’s trip to Israel, as seen through the lens of Arrested Development. -NowThis
  • Vine is generally a garbage dump of screaming and incomprensible visuals, but Will Sasso is VERY GOOD at it! (Not screaming and incomprehensible visuals, just Vine.) Watch this compilation of his Vines. Vine vine vine. -AlexDavidson
  • Amanda Bynes, you guys. I hope when all the old celebs hang out at parties together “I’m glad Twitter wasn’t around when I was a young celeb” is a main topic of discussion. -Dlisted
  • Would you like to help Kickstart a documentary about Arrested Development? Up to you! -/Film
  • Speaking of Kickstarter, over at The Week they’re discussing whether or not the Veronica Mars movie can help make up for some of the show’s mistakes. MISTAKES?! -TheWeek
  • Two people have spent the last two months developing a Beetlejuice roller coaster in Minecraft. What does that mean and how do you do it? I don’t know! Click through to watch, though! -FilmDrunk