This Week In Comedy Open Thread

Remember when Chevy Chase was under fire for using the n-word on the set of Community not too long ago? He was upset about how racist his character had gotten in the current season and is reported to have said something along the lines of, with the way his character is headed, next thing you know they’ll be asking him to call Troy or Shirley the n-word. Eeek! No! The story blew up, as Chevy was not in a good place with the show already, and obviously YOU DO NOT SAY THAT (especially when you are saying it about two specific people in your presence), but, uh, if he had just said “n-word” rather than making the intensely incorrect choice of actually saying it, he would have been mostly correct. Why the hell is Pierce so racist this season? It’s very distracting! Throughout the season it’s seemed like he has been used almost solely for racist one-liners, and even with more time spent with him in last night’s episode a large percent of what he said was still hardline racist (and sexist, which is also distracting, though is to be more expected with the character). And it doesn’t seem like the racism we’ve seen with Pierce in the past, which was based largely on his own stupidity and could be more easily played for laughs. This season he just legitimately seems like a racist piece of shit, and it legitimately seems like these other people are in the wrong for continuing to hang out with him. Why? Because the writers are mad at Chevy Chase? I understand, but man oh man! Don’t fuck up the show because of it! Relax! An actual racist is not a funny character, especially when all of the other characters seem to treat his legitimate racism with a smile and a shrug. Otherwise it was a fine episode. I binge-watched a few episodes of Community recently, and it has not been bad this season. It hasn’t been GREAT — which is not the result of any staff changes, Community hasn’t been great in a long time — but so few things are. So. “Get your damn hands off my Let’s” was very good. What else? The Mindy Project, boy oh boy. Not a good show, you guys! What were we supposed to get out of that episode? That Mindy’s friends are assholes, but it’s ok because…other people are worse assholes? That she should be with Brendan, Mark Duplass’s guest appearance character who should’ve exited 5 episodes ago? That Mindy will never stop talking about her weight and appearance, even though they are above average and talking about them and obsessing over them as if they are not does a lot of damage?! That show is very bad. David Sims over at AV Club wrote a great recap of this week’s episode, you should read it if you want to. New Girl was good and I am very glad it’s back. I’m also glad that they didn’t draw out the Nick/Jess/Nick’s Boss tension any longer. That would have been exhausting. But I guess they know what they’re doing! Bob’s Burgers, featuring our own Gabe Liedman, was great. When Linda threw up on Bob? ARE YOU KIDDING MEEEE?! So great. One of the best shows. Ok what did you think?!?