Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Last night at the 92nd Street Y, Michael Cera interviewed David Cross and they talked about all sorts of different things. I’m not sure if there’s video available anywhere — I couldn’t find it — but you can read about some of those things here. -Gothamist
  • Here are some photos from last night’s Mad Men premiere party. Spoiler: Everyone looks beautiful and their skin looks glow-y. -Dlisted
  • Tina Fey will never do a nude scene. “Even in my fantasies?” you ask. You’re disgusting and so, so dumb! -FilmDrunk
  • The Week has gathered up a bunch of celebrity prom invites that did NOT go viral, which demands the question: Why do we let any of them go viral?!?! -TheWeek
  • Rob Letterman, director of Monsters vs Aliens, is bringing a Goosbumps book to the big screen. Which one? Who knows! Which one do you want? It’s going to be for children, obviously, but you can still pick! -/Film
  • Finally, a goodbye to GoogleReader. -HitReach