World Continues To Turn After Bart Simpson Stands On Trial In Front Of Mr. Burns

In what sounds like Simpsons fan fiction from the least creative casual Simpsons viewer, a man named Bart Simpson stood on trial yesterday (or, the news BROKE yesterday at least) in front of a judge named Mr. Burns. AH! First The Simpsons took over some 7-11s a few years ago, and now this?! Or dreams are on their way of coming true! Other IRL fan fiction possibilities The Lord in Heaven was entertaining: “A police chief named Wiggum broke up fight at bar named Moe’s.” “Man named Apu owns greyhound named Maggie.” “We found an actual Principal Skinner!” From The Hollywood Reporter:

A man from Eccleshall, England with the same name as the famed carton troublemaker is facing a trial for bringing a firearm to a Birmingham airport last year. The judge in his case? None other than one Mr. Burns.

As detailed in a British news publication, the judge’s full name is Recorder Burns, not Montgomery, the name of the maniacal billionaire in The Simpson. Still, the pairing did make waves.

“It’s a bizarre coincidence that Bart Simpson is actually on trial in front of Mr. Burns but it’ll proceed as any other criminal case would,” a court source said.

Do you think TV God put Bart Simpson and Mr. Burns together so the case could proceed as any other criminal case would?! THAT’S UNPOSSIBLE! LOL #simpsons. But in all seriousness I’d like to respectfully ask honorable judge Mr. Burns to uphold all rules of Cartoon Court in this case, specifically: Gavel that goes “boink,” Krusty presented as an expert witness, Nelson in a suit acting as Bart Simpson’s lawyer, and some play on the “throw a book to prove the person doesn’t need a neck brace” trick, except the person’s head falls off at the end of it and goes “boink.” Thank you. Court dismissed.