The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

What, did you think we’d let a bunch of zeros and a crying baby take away the Petting Zoo that is rightfully yours to enjoy? GIMME A BREAK! You can take our Wednesday afternoon, but you will never take…OUR…ANIMAL VIDEOOOS! This week we have a pretty normal array of videos, unlike last week when I think just about every one was a sea mammal. “The Internet is like a box of chocolates, you never know if the animal videos are going to be a bunch of one thing or if they’re going to be all sorts of different things, but one thing you can count on is that there are going to be at least a handful of them that are worth watching, especially if they’re constructed in a top ten list format.” Right? Forrest Gump. How many more things do I have to say before we can just get to watching the videos? A few? Ok. I wish it would stop snowing in New York City let’s get to the ANIIIMAAALLL VIIIDDEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOS!

10. Sleeping Cat “Sings Along” With Accordion

9. Kitten Sounds Like A Goat

8. Kitten Falls Asleep In Hands

7. Bears Having Fun In The Snow

6. Tree Climbing Baby Bears

5. Otter Pup Gets A Quick Checkup

4. Another Dog On The Stairs

3. Baby Elephant Cuddling With Arthur

3. Baby Vs. Pug Sneeze War

1. Monkey Love

Holy moly I AM SO JEALOUS OF THAT GUY! Uggggh I want a sweet little dumb monkey on my neck! I am also jealous of Arthur, wrestling with that baby elephant. How do people get to have these experiences? HOW CAN I?! The baby and dog sneezing is a great video because of how delayed the baby sneezing is, JUST IN CASE you’re wondering why it is so great. “I love this, but why?” Everything else is just great. Ok, congratulations to the winners and mostly to us! SEE YOU NEXT WEDNESDAY, I HOPE!