Lunch Break: Old-Timey Blooper Reel Is An Absolute Delight

I know some of you out there reading this might not like blooper reels. I have a feeling Gabe is probably one of these types? Not to put words in his mouth, I haven’t spoken with him about blooper reels before, but if I had to do an impression of Gabe watching a fun blooper reel it would go like this: “Not funny. Do your jobs.” Hahaha. GABE, EVERYBODY! Maybe he likes them though, who knows. The majority of you probably do, right? RIGHT? It’s the only reason why you still buy DVDs? For the blooper reel DVD extra? Because it’s fun to see all of our pals paling around in our favorite scenes, goofin up for laffs? I LOVE THEM. And I love this blooper reel from the ’40s and ’50s, too. Though it — coming in at 1.5 hours long — does force you to ask yourself: Would you watch an entire movie of blooper reel? That answer for me is a very loud NOOOOO!! NO NO NO NOOOO!!! But would I watch a chunk? 4sure. Get out your lunch boxes and settle in!

Even old timeys make mistakes. Plz remember that. (Via BuzzFeed.)