BREAKING: Exciting (“Exciting!”) Twist In The Story Of Katie Couric And Larry King’s Date!

One month ago the world was rocked to hear that current daytime TV host Katie Couric and former nighttime TV host Larry King went on a date many years ago. Katie Couric spoke about it during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, letting the audience in on super gross details that no one asked for such as:

“It was [an] Italian restaurant where they put you right next to each other like they do with all the men and their ‘nieces.'”

And also:

“We’re driving home and I see we’re going over [Arlington] Memorial Bridge, and that’s not the way back to my apartment,” Couric recalled. “So I go, ‘Larry, where are we going?’ And he goes, ‘My place.’

Hahaha. Very smooth. “My place.” But now Larry King has appeared on Katie Couric’s show Katie to SET THE STORY STRAIGHT!

THERE YOU HAVE IT AMERICA! Larry King totally tried to do her, but it was at her place and not his! Finally we can sleep at night, knowing exactly where to place Katie and Larry in our sexy dreams. (At Katie’s apartment.) (I’m so sorry.) (I really am.) (WHAT IS THIS STORY, WHY DID HE GO ON THE SHOW? WHY DID SHE TALK ABOUT IT IN THE FIRST PLACE?!) (AHHHHHHHH) (Via Uproxx.)