FOX Affiliate Half Apologizes For Using Breasts B-Roll In Story About “Women’s Day”

I know that FOX News is a wholly separate entity from your local Fox 5, which is basically just wall to wall “I like turtles,” and yet somehow the fact that this happened on a FOX affiliate DOES seem appropriate. From Gawker:

A Fox affiliate in Connecticut was forced to apologize several times yesterday after it aired b-roll of female breasts to illustrate a morning news report on a “Women’s Day” event being held in the state Capitol.

Fox CT sent out a tweet yesterday morning after controversy first began to stir, saying the file footage was used in error.

A TWEET! Hahahahaha. The Connecticut FOX affiliate in question has 11,000 followers on Twitter, which is a totally fine number, but one can also do the math, right? Like, so many more people will just see the offending clip (which is after the jump, and it actually really is offending) and not ever follow this news broadcast on Twitter, and then there is the small group who watches the news and follows the station but maybe they weren’t on Twitter at 1:03PM. It just is not effective as a means of apologizing, and that goes for you guys too. Cut it out. Stop apologizing on Twitter you WEIRDOS. Grow up. Say it to my face. Anyway, I guess the FOX affiliate eventually issued a formal apology, and we are talking about it on the Internet so maybe that does or does not count for anything (SPOILER ALERT: “does not”) but also this clip is kind of hilarious:

Good grief! That is the longest sustained b-roll clip I have ever seen. “Should we cut away when the guy in the blue parka fills the screen for three seconds? Cut to a notable woman in history, or even just back to the anchor at her desk? No? Stick with it because when the guy moves out of the way we’re going to get that sweet, sweet camisole shot? Got it. I figured we would just stick with it, because this shot of two random breasts walking down the street is worth it and it really helps to bring home the idea of the important role women play in society, I just figured I should ask but also JK because men don’t like asking for things am I right HIGH FIVE.” Anyway, yuck, though, right? AND WHERE IS THE NEW POPE IN ALL OF THIS? HIS SILENCE HAS BEEN NOTED.