How Was Everyone’s Day Today?

How was your day today? Hump day! New pope hump day. Haha. Happy new pope hump day! I’ll tell you what, even if you had a miserable day because you were hoping that the new pope might not be a ridiculous homophobe or something along those apparently impossible lines, your day has not been worse than the days when one of Benedict Cumberbatch’s neighbors was cyberstalking him! (This is not true, your day could definitely have been worse and I am sorry if it has, but this also sounds like a nightmare.) It’s not really clear when this happened, but he mentioned recently in an interview that there was a point during which his neighbor would live-tweet all of the things they could see him doing in his house. HA! AH! Holy moly! WHAT WAS THAT TWITTER ACCOUNT NAME? lol. jk. What a stupid nightmare. He handled the ordeal privately with the neighbor, and had this to say about the consequences of fame. From The Telegraph:

The amiable 36-year-old London-based actor says that the whole concept of celebrity and what it is resulting in worries him. “The sad thing is I don’t really have anonymity any more in the UK as it has got just like it is in America,” he says. “Here I get stopped quite a lot now. Sometimes it is bearable and sometimes it isn’t”.

Eeeeeeeek. And here we are, talking about it on a blog! LOL! LOLOLOL! Let’s not get famous, you guys. Even if we think it will solve a bit if the insatiable desire for recognition that eats away at our soul. It won’t! NOTHING WILL! So let’s just read a book and love our loved ones and maybe get into juicing or whatever. Anyway, how was your day today?