That’s Your Date To Cotillion, Mila Kunis

“As you may know, I get asked out in YouTube videos (and press interviews) pretty often. Sometimes I accept the invitations (especially if Justin Timberlake bullies me into doing it, it seems?) (what?), but only very rarely. So you’re probably wondering: “What made your date to cotillion stand out?” Well, for one I had no idea cotillion was ever a dance you could just go to. Isn’t it a thing where girls walk down long staircases and become a part of society, like on Gilmore Girls and Gossip Girl? If so: Is that what I’m going to be doing? Being the date of someone walking down a long staircase? So that was a question I was hoping to get the answer to. Another thing that stood out is that I couldn’t really hear most of what the young woman in the video was saying. There was a lot of intrigue! So I guess those are my main reasons. Mostly I just love going to stuff with strangers and I’m glad my fans know that.” -Mila Kunis

Haha. WHAT? HOLD THE CAMERA CLOSER, LADIES! I guess the thing about these videos is that you might as well ask, because you never know. But also the thing about these videos often seems like someone attempting to publicly put someone they like on the spot for something they 100% would never actually want to do. That seems wrongish! But also, AARON PAUL WILL YOU BE MY DATE TO DINNER NEXT TIME YOU ARE IN NEW YORK? WE CAN TALK ABOUT BREAKING BAD ALL YOU WANT! FRESH EARS! PLEEEASE PLEASE PLEASE, IT’S JUST ONE DINNER! (Via BuzzFeed.)