This Is Just A Good Example Of Product Placement In Television

Almost TOO seamless! People watching this scene were like, whoa. WHOA. Honey! PAUSE THE SHOW! I HAVE TO CHECK OUT THESE PRODUCTS! Guys, I have never actually watched Elementary, so maybe it is the greatest show that’s ever been made, but first of all no it isn’t, second of all why is Lucy Liu wearing a sports jersey, in fact, why are they BOTH wearing t-shirts if they are supposed to be serious professional adults, and third of all SHERLOCK HOLMES DOESN’T USE BING ON A SURFACE TABLET TO LOOK UP RESTAURANT MENUS. The good news, though, is that filming started today on series 3 of the BBC’s Sherlock, which IS the best show, and Benedict Cumberbatch has already confirmed that he and Martin Freeman have signed contracts for a series 4. Yeah! Argo fuck Elementary! (Oh, I also watched Argo yesterday. Pretty good! I’m an incredible critic, I’m like the Sherlock Holmes in Elementary of insight on Argo now.)