Puddle Surprise Signals The End Of Winter

During the wintertime, some of us get so wrapped up in the cold weather danger that lurks around every corner — ice, hidden ice, hidden ice that might not even have ever existed like the kind that killed the member of Metallica that they talk about on Behind the Music, runny noses, stray snowballs, etc. — that we forget to think about the danger that will be left when all of the snow and ice MELTS. IS THERE NOTHING IN THIS WORLD THAT IS DANGER-FREE?! Do you know how many people I’ve seen walk on what they thought was solid ground, only to find that it was a puddle and now their shoes and pants are as wet and disgusting as they are embarrassed? MULTIPLE! And what if there were some glass in that puddle?! Or a rat that was still alive and BIT YOU? (Or I guess we can just agree that puddles aren’t really that scary or dangerous, but that if you use your imagination ANYTHING CAN BE!) This puddle surprise isn’t exactly like either of those puddle surprises, but it is still surprising! Just watch it, please! Let’s get on with this! (Headphones up!)

Spring is coming. Human-sized puddles are coming, somehow. You might as well get those new sneakers dirty as quickly as you can. (Via ViralViral.)