So Jash Is OUR Generation’s SuperDeluxe? (NO PARENTS ALLOWED SENTENCE!)

Hey guys, how’s SXSW?! You’re there, right? We’re all there? Cool. (Just kidding, I for one am not and have never been there. Seems like fun enough. But also it seems like most people prefer TALKING about being there to any of the actual being there. Anyway.) Over the weekend, at the festival, a new Google-funded YouTube comedy channel was launched called Jash. The channel’s figureheads are Reggie Watts, Sarah Silverman, Tim and Eric, and Michael Cera. Those are fun people who mostly seem to have decent taste in things! Each of them will have a page within the Jash network that they can curate. This whole thing, of course, is reminiscent of a previous Internet comedy endeavor, Adult Swim’s incubator website SuperDeluxe. HOLD ON, HOLD THE PRESSES. IS THIS THE MOST EXCITING AND ENTERTAINING PARAGRAPH THAT HAS EVER BEEN WRITTEN? THIS DRY AND FACT-FILLED DRONE ABOUT A GOOGLE-FUNDED COMEDY YOUTUBE CHANNEL THAT IS VAGUELY REMINISCENT OF A LONG DEFUNCT TIME WARNER ATTEMPT AT CREATING LOW BUDGET NICHE COMEDY FOR ALT-NERD SUPERFANS? WE WILL HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE PULITZERS TO FIND OUT. In any case, blah blah blah, etc, but Jash did release a promotional video that is fun:

It is too early to predict Jash’s future, so for now let’s just enjoy the rest of the south by southwest festival. And please remember to use the #sxsw hashtag in all of your tweets so that we can quickly and easily see all of the best tweets in one place for sure without any of the boring dumb tweets that are about something else. SXSW only from here on out. #sxsw