Saturday Night Live: Justin Timberlake Enters The Five-Timers Club

What is there to say? Justin Timberlake is a worthless bore. Why do they keep asking him back? JKJKJKJKJJKJLOLOLOL HE’S A BORN ENTERTAINER AND AN AMERICAN TREASURE! Booking Justin Timberlake to host SNL is like booking your favorite sandwich for lunch — you know you’re going to have a pretty great lunch, even if it’s not the best time you’ve ever eaten the sandwich. This wasn’t the best time we’ve ever eaten the sandwich, and the first half of the sandwich was much more satisfying than the second, but it was still a great lunch in a sea of leftovers and free cardboard pizza in the break room so HOW COULD WE EVEN BEGIN TO COMPLAIN? Justin Timberlake entered the five-timers club and had a bunch of perfect old lovelies there to greet him — Paul Simon, Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks, Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Martin Short, and Candice Bergen. Martin Short is perfect. It was a very good opening monologue, based on this very good opening monologue (with an appearance from Conan O’Brien), let’s watch it:

The opening monologue was followed by “It’s A Date,” with an appearance from both the Andy Samberg&Justin Timberlake duo and THE FESTRUNK BROTHERS! R U KIDDING ME? It was a very good sketch, even aside from the exciting nostalgia.

Unfortunately neither the cold open nor the Veganville sketch are available online due to their popular song use, but I would like to say that both were big treats. Veganville ran on a bit, which I thought I enjoyed at first, but then it ran on a bit longer and THEN it ended with a Harlem Shake, which I hated, but otherwise it was great! To be honest that doesn’t leave us with very many more sketches, and I did not enjoy the Caligula sketch, though you are free to watch it and decide for yourself. (Also Stefon was Stefon.) The “She’s Got A Dick” trailer didn’t really do it for me. Hahah. I know this is just a list of complaints, but it really was an enjoyable show overall! BUT the joke here was dated and never moved past itself. Nasim and Justin did get to make out, though. So.

Maine Justice was just as stupid and funny as it was last time. The use of Andy Samberg as the straight man was odd, but appreciated.

“Moet & Chandon” was great. “Monica and Chandler”? R U KIDDING ME FOR THE SECOND TIME, THIS SHOW?! A+. Very good. Very funny. Great job, ladies! Though I don’t understand if you guys still not having the same dress is part of the joke or something that I’m just not supposed to notice!

Finally, Justin Timberlake performed two songs and I am not a huge fan of either of them but the “Suit & Tie” performance was on its suit and tie shit big time, AND I LOVED IT! One of the best SNL performances of the season, obv. Good job, Justin! You’re good at this!