Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Brad Pitt and Angie Jolie’s Miraval Rose that they made with their own hands and their own grapes (I assume) went on sale online yesterday morning and was sold out by the afternoon. Nooooooo! But we wanted sooooome! -Dlisted
  • Brendan Fraser loses $87,000 a month and is going broke. Nooooo, again! Poor Brendy Frasey! I’m sorry that we all know about your personal money business! You should stop losing money! -FilmDrunk
  • Julie Klausner sat down with Community’s Gillian Jacobs to talk about Harlem Shake videos and a TV show from the ’90s. Watch! You’ll enjoy it, maybe! -Vulture
  • The Week has put together a list of 22 TV shows to watch in 2013. They forgot Parenthood, but probably just figured that it was too obvious? -TheWeek
  • In honor of Women’s day, would you like to watch the first part of a multi-part video series about the roles of women in video games? Yes? It HAS to be in honor of Women’s day, though. You can’t just watch it for whatever. -TheDailyWhat