Ocean Public Marriage Proposal Goes Horribly RIGHT!

Oh boy, this public marriage proposal is such a treat! A SINCERE TREAT! One thing we don’t complain about enough when we complain about public marriage proposals is how the videos are very rarely any fun for anyone to watch. Sure it is nice to see people in love I GUESS, and watching a bunch of spectacle is whatever, but the only public marriage proposal video I would actually enjoy watching would be one of people that I know. (ASIDE FROM THE ONE WE ARE ABOUT TO WATCH.) (Even then I would be upset, though, that people I knew decided to do a public marriage proposal.) (Would send a very nasty FB message.) (JK.) Who cares about these strangers and the people they got to dance with them at Disney World to a Bruno Mars song? Shut up and get married, jerks! But not so for these jerks, who decided to get engaged in the ocean.

AAaaaahahahahhahahahahahahha. That poor lady! DO YOU THINK THEY LOST THE RING?! God, that would be a nightmare. SHOULD HAVE JUST DONE IT QUIETLY AT HOME, I GUESS! Just kidding, you did a perfect job. Please never get divorced, your wife seems like a good sport. Thx4 this. (Via HyperVocal.)