Courtney Stodden Is OUR Generation’s Nick Kroll

After debuting her fun new character, an indeterminately European doppelganger named “Courtina,” a couple of weeks ago, we might have assumed that Courtney Stodden would return to her real passion: making “music videos” and grocery shopping in bondage gear. Nope! It looks like someone has caught the acting bug! Or maybe it is the comedy bug?! Or it might literally be that she has just caught a bug, like that she is straight up sick and needs to see a doctor to get a professional diagnosis and start down the path towards treatment? Because it is hard to understand what exactly is going on in her new video in which she plays her sister “Courtland.” (Ugh.) Wait until you get to the part where she just makes fun of her own husband but does it while in character so that it’s supposed to be a joke but it’s clearly not a joke! What a cool marriage. True love is real, I’m sure.

Who edited this? What poor schmo had to sit through countless hours of horrible raw footage to come up with this horrible but heavily edited piece of crap? Whoever it was, I am sure that Courtney’s husband overpaid them! “So editing a vlog is $10,000 plus expenses, but if the vlog is in character it’s $15,000? Well, rates are rates!” I’m loving these self-mocking character studies, though. They’re great! Not sarcastic at all. What a talented actress. What makes you think I’m being sarcastic?! Argh, it is so hard to convey tone through written text!!!