This Week In Comedy Open Thread

This week’s Bob’s Burgers, “O.T. the Outside Toilet,” was one of my favorite episodes of anything in a long time! ARE YOU GUYS WATCHING THIS SHOW? Each of the plot lines — Bob having a suit that made him look good, and the E.T. inspired Gene-finds-a-toilet-in-the-woods — was strong, focusing more this time on straight laughs than on laughs+familial love. Teddy thinking Bob’s name was “Bob Burger” was so funny. Gene dropping all of those flour babies was so funny. Jon Hamm as the toilet was so funny. A+ great show, the best! Portlandia had its season finale this week, which showed all of the show’s characters dealing with a city-wide blackout. Because the Mayor has resigned and the temporary mayor was rejected, the city has been left without anyone in charge leaving Fred and Carrie to have to find the mayor, blah blah, you saw it. Peter and Nance help out with Birdman, Dave and Kath have a bunch of supplies, Toni and Candace fill out the forms, Alexandra moves on, and the Mayor comes back. ALL OF OUR PALS! It was a nice (“rewarding,” is what I think some people would call it) end to the (pretty good) season and Portlandia will be missed. RIP. Girls is very frustrating sometimes. The characters — especially the male characters — seem to have no strict personality traits and act only however the show needs them to in the scenario in which it puts them. I’m more talking about Adam’s behavior, but Hannah’s OCD fits that criticism as well. Though it was mentioned once in season one, I think — Marnie referenced something about her masturbating seven times or whatever? — adopting a mental issue that will be dropped fairly quickly in a TV series never really seems like the right idea. Maybe I’m wrong, though, and it will be treated realistically, in which case I suppose it is fine to have introduced it in this way! But I’m BETTING that the OCD will only be used until it needn’t be used anymore, as that is the Girls way. Kroll Show had its season finale this week, as well, but I didn’t see it unfortunately! I really wanted to! But I haven’t had the time since it aired! DID YOU SEE IT? WAS IT GOOD? TELL MEEEEE