Brainstorming Some More Ideas For Up All Night

I’m not sure if you’ve been following the drama going on with NBC’s comedy Up All Night, but it would make sense if you were not, because as we know following drama behind a TV show struggling with its ratings is an express blog 2 snoozeville. But, uh, the stuff going on with Up All Night is totally insane! Someone call Up All Night’s parents and force some time-out from their favorite extracurriculars, or something! It began when NBC made the decision to change Up All Night to a multi-cam show with a live audience, leading to the exits of both creator Emily Spivey and showrunner Tucker Cawley (who had just recently been brought on to help save the show). Linda Wallem was brought on to replace Cawley, and that’s when the fun (and not super boring Hollywood) stuff happened. From TV Guide via Vulture:

Wallem and the writing staff began brainstorming ideas for the multi-camera version. One pitch placed a portal between the two worlds — the single-cam and multi-cam versions — that only baby Amy could see. Another idea put Wallem and her real-life partner, Etheridge, in front of the camera, perhaps with the action taking place in their living room.

Ultimately, a script was written in which Applegate, Arnett and Rudolph played actors portraying the characters Reagan, Chris and Ava on a fictional show called Up All Night. Off the show-within-a-show, Arnett’s character would live at home with his mother, and Applegate’s would be dating. Rudolph’s real-life pregnancy was being written into the storyline — and included a “who’s the daddy?” twist.

AHHHHHHHH, THOSE IDEAS ARE BRILLIANT! Hahahaha. Oh, to be a fly hallucination on that drug-induced wall. So good. “Another idea put Wallem and her real-life partner, Etheridge, in front of the camera, perhaps with the action taking place in their living room.” WHAT?!! Man oh man. Why aren’t these ideas on TV right now and why isn’t Up All Night retroactively receiving all of Big Bang Theory’s Golden Globes? Huh? Answer me that, TV GUIDE! Anyway, let’s help out these guys with some more Up All Night-saving ideas. (Not like they need it!) (They clearly do not!)

  • Every character is a possibility of what the baby could be in its future, depending on the choices it makes. The whole show is just the baby’s fortune is being read by a fortune teller (Melissa Etheridge).
  • Reagan has been dead the whole time. Chris is in a mental institution. Ava is his nurse. The baby never existed.
  • Reagan and Chris are like the couple from The Americans somehow — come back to idea later.
  • All characters are puppets.
  • The baby is a pre-teen and the whole series has just been her playing with dolls and acting out the scenarios she wished had happened when she was young. Reagan and Chris had an abusive relationship and divorced soon after she was born. Her life has been very, very difficult.

Now your turn! It’s not like you will ever come close to what the professionals did, but you can try!