This Week In GIFs!

Oh my goodness am I glad it’s Friday! This gives TGIF a whole new meaning! (From Thank GIF to Thank God It’s Friday.) Before we hurry off into our weekends that are apparently going to be very snowy (for at least today) (if you live where I live), let’s take a moment to reflect on our week in pop culture blogging. SHALL WE?

Kevin Hart hosted Saturday Night Live!

Idris Elba is taking time off for something or other!

James killed Mike’s mom and POSSIBLY MIKE!

Do you think Jennifer Lawrence wishes she were on Girls?

Shut up, Taylor Swift!

Jon Stewart is a director now, too!

Gabe called Bradley Cooper’s Silver Linings Playbook jogger outfit as THE Halloween costume of 2013!

And, finally, we watched a bunch of comedy on TV! And I couldn’t find GIFs for most of it!