As Far As Awful Internet Pranks Go, “Scary Doll Driver” Might Not Be That Bad!

Having a job that demands scrolling through the Internet (I was going to say “scouring” the Internet, but we can relax) for the dumbest and best and worst videos we can find, we (and I say “we” because I assume that this is also true for Gabe, though who even knows with that guy) come across a truly unfortunate amount of prank-for-Internet stunt videos every day. One that is making the rounds right now is this video called “elevator murder prank,” which I will never ever watch, not in one million years, not if it were the last video on Earth. NO THANK YOU, ELEVATOR MURDER! ELEVATORS ARE SCARY ENOUGH! LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE! But for whatever reason I felt compelled to watch this stupid “scary drive-thru doll driver” prank video, and I actually kind of enjoyed it? No one got anything thrown in their face, no one was scared too seriously, no one was annoyed for too long. It mostly just seems like it provided a brief shock and a little bit of fun to someone’s boring work night, and also it is just so stupid. We love stupid! (I love stupid.) (I’m WITH stupid.) Let’s watch it.

CHUCKY THE DAMN DOLL! Hahah. Very good. Drive safe, Chucky. Stay stupid, Internet, and plz stop doing prank videos. It is very rare that they are ever this kind-of fun! (Via BlameItOn.)